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JB & Associates PH has been helping global clients grow their businesses by connecting them with their target leads and market since 2014 through LinkedIn Lead Generation and Social Media. Our clients include but are not limited to: Business and Life Coaches, Keynote Speakers, Podcast Hosts, Industry Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. We are also assisting FreeeUp’s Chief Marketing Officer, Connor, on the same capacity since 2017. 

We aim to consistently grow and provide great value and high level of services to our clients.

The Team

We are a team of professional online freelancers from the Philippines backed up by more than 10 years of combined corporate and freelance experiences in the industries of: Consumer Electronics, E-commerce, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Banking and Finance, and Professional Online Freelancing. Our services include but are not limited to Lead Generation, Business Development, Admin Support/Virtual Assistance, Project Management, E-commerce Multi-Marketplace product listing, Social Media Management, Transcription/Dictation, Print-On-Demand listing, Accounting, Research, Data Mining/Data Entry, Content writing, Graphics, Web Design, and Customer Service.

We look forward to working with you!


We provide hands-on, personal training for freelancers. We don’t just teach you then leave you behind. We work with you until you are ready to fly and get clients on your own. Your success will all depend on your attitude and discipline to always move forward and not be stuck in one skill set. We are just here to hold your hand. The rest is up to you. For business owners, we introduce you to top freelancers and provide you with more manpower to help get your daily repetitive tasks off your plate so you can focus more in growing your business.


You will experience the freedom of working at your own time, place, and pace without the pressure of always having someone watching over your shoulder all the time. JB & Associates PH trains freelancers to be as independent as possible and resolve things on their own.


JB & Associates PH is with you every step of the way. Starting from how to do freelancing, learning new skills, going forward to landing on your first client, up to how to get more clients and still perform at a high-level without compromising the quality of your work.


Now that we have partnered with international freelance marketplaces – FreeeUp, HOPLA (Home-based Organised Professionals Leveraging Agility), and been working with a lot of global clients directly, JB & Associates PH has the advantage of connecting freelancers with more clients without the hassle of the usual application process. Whether you are just looking to apply for part-time/flexible or project-based tasks on an hourly or fixed rate basis (FreeeUp), or would like to be a full-time work-from-home employee (HOPLA), JB & Associates PH can immediately introduce you with clients who post their freelancer requests that matches your skills and experiences.



This is an awesome team led by a singularly admirable lady with an enormous heart who doesn’t know the meaning of failure – you can trust them to support your business as if it were their own.

– Julia

Jha helps for the sake of helping. She does so by not putting pressure on the people who aspire to follow the path she’s navigated ahead. More to the point, she respects and takes into account each individual’s unique pacing and learning curves. That being said, I can say that aspiring and even experienced freelancers seeking assistance from her can rest assured that Jha will lead the way one careful step at a time — depending on how far one’s distance is from stride to stride.

– Ivette

JB & Associates contributed a lot to my freelancing career. It’s not just about teaching you the skills that you need in the freelancing market but also about coaching you about the right mindset and attitude in freelancing. Kudos to JB&Associates PH. Continue helping freelancers and freelancers wannabe.

– Shanen

I started with JB&Associates in 2016 and I am loving it! Even if I went back to the corporate world in 2017, Ate Jha made me keep my client and worked out a schedule that best fits the client and I. Getting a client is not easy and keeping it is another story, but if you have someone like Ate Jha who is passionate and responsible in what she does, it changes the game. Kudos JB&Associates! Cheers to success!

– Alyssa Marie


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